MSNexperts 1.0

MSNexperts is a text converting and creating application for Windows
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MSNexperts 1.0.1 is a text converting and creating application for Windows. It is designed to be used with instant messengers like Windows Live Messenger, AIM and etc. It consists of three modes which create or change text in different ways. The first one is a nickname maker. You feed it with text and the application will redesign that text and add certain characters so that it looks a lot more elaborate. It will end up saying the same, though. The second mode recreates a linguistic theory that establishes that the human brain can understand any word as long as the first and last letters of a word are left intact. Thus, "hamun mnid" will be always understood as "human mind." You just have to write some text into the application and it will shuffle the letters to achieve that effect. The third mode is a text inverter which inverts any text that you add. Each mode is in a separate tab. For the nickname maker, there are several styles that can be applied to text. There are also different frame styles, which determine the way in which characters are added. Once you have modified or created the text you wanted, you have to copy it to your Instant Messaging application. A good feature for future editions will be if those could be pasted automatically into the messengers.

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